Kelly : Wow, real milk! ----

Boy: I don't remember you! You weren't there! You weren't there when he was born! You weren't there when she died! Where were you? ----

Kingi: You're a liar, your dad's not overseas, he's in jail for robbery  Boy: Shut up Kingi, you don't know  Kingi: Yes, he's in the same cell block as my dad ----

Mr.Langston: People call me a dumb honky all the time. I don't go round punching them.  Boy: Why not?  Mr Langston: Because they're usually children. ----

Alamein( boy's father ): Who's this thing?  Dallas: Maori Smurf. ----

Boy: So what you guys been up to?  Dallas: We are self employed now  Boy: What's your job?  Dallas: Chucking mud at those cows ----

Boy: Hey, Chardonnay! Wanna see some Michael Jackson dance moves? ----

Teacher: Now, who knows what disease this sheep has?  Kingi: AIDS?  Teacher: Not AIDS, you dork! ----

Boy: Hey Auntie, can I have an ice block please?  Aunty Gracey: No.  Boy: Aww... it's not fair!  Aunty Gracey: Get a job then!  Boy: Aww... There's none left; you've got them all!