Alamein is 41 years old and has two sons called  Boy and Rocky . He spent 7 Years in jail and was supposed to be in for 8 years but escaped using a spoon. Given the time period it's is likely that he was in the army as part of National Service and it is implied that he served in a theatre of conflict, most likely the Vietnam War as Boy once reminisces on how he "jumped up out if his foxhole, did a mean haka, and scared away the commies" though this is an exaggeration, Alamein's possession of an army helmet and his actions during the scene where he Boy and Rocky are playing a war game show that he has some knowledge of weapons handling (shown when he pulls the pin from a pine cone grenade and taps it on his helmet before throwing it) and makes it most likely that he did perform his national service and possibly even went to Vietnam. In the years since returning from the army he met Boys mother and after her death descended into a life of crime, at some point getting incarcerated for an unspecified crime for 8 years until his "escape" it's not clear whether he really escaped or was simply released on parole. After getting out of prison he and two accomplices committed a string of burglaries and founded the Crazy Horses. He remains at large throughout the film.

  Taika WaititiEdit

He says to Boy That he will take him To see Micheal Jackson.